Evil Eye


These 200 gram Evil Eye Triple Scented Soy wax Candle’s with an Evil Eye bead carefully placed in the top.

Watercolor evil eye symbol with blue and light blue. The evil eye, known as “mati” (μάτι) in Greek culture, is a curse thought to be given by a malicious glare that can cause bad luck or loss. You may have heard someone giving you the “evil eye” from across the room – and many people around the world believe this to be more then just a saying.

People can knowingly wish negative thoughts on you, but the power of the eye is that some people unknowingly and innocently cast the curse on others. That’s why it’s important to wear an evil eye somewhere on your body to ward off this curse and protect yourself throughout the day.

Scent available is Lychee

(More scent’s will be added soon)

Weight 1 kg


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